Director’s Notes

Note of Intent:

I have always been interested in short stories and other short form of fiction, and with every short film that I have made I’ve tried to explore a different way of telling a story. I’ve also used them as a means to experiment and learn. I’ve set myself a goal with each one and to this extent have had varying degrees of success. The one thing that I really wanted to achieve with “A Sunny Morning” was to make a film that moved away from an obvious narrative of events like the other films I’d made. I wanted to focus much more on the relationship of two characters. With this in mind it was a case of finding the story I wanted to tell. After much brainstorming, scribbled lines of dialogue, rough action and setting, the story of Adam and Grace began to take shape. Then after collaborating with a very talented actress/writer friend of mine, Glenda Robinson, the final script was written.

It is unlike anything else I have written and I hope it intrigues the audience, who enter into the lives of Adam and Grace without ever having seen the argument that precedes the film or even knowing what it was about. And come the end, questions are left unanswered, things are not wrapped up neatly in a bow and hopefully the audience can make up their own minds on what may happen.

Now I just hope that I’m able to do the script and our incredibly talented actors and crew justice and make a highly engaging and interesting film.

To give you an idea of the visuals of the film here is a rough greyscale sketch by our concept artist Kam Rehal from Buffaloleaf.


Jacob Proctor

Jacob is an award winning writer/director. On graduating from Bournemouth with a TV and Film degree he began a successful career in post-production, working as a freelance editor and has credit with all the major UK terrestrial channels. In 2007 he directed his first post student short film ‘Mother Time’. His sophomore film ‘Collectables’ won several international awards. His most recent short film ‘The Underpass’ has just completed post-production and is about to begin its festival run.


Award winning short film ‘Collectables’

Collectables from Jacob Proctor on Vimeo.