Grace is a much more free spirited and creative person, passionate and spontaneous she is the more dominant of the couple. She was a playwright, with mediocre success until she decided to get a more stable and financially sound job to help support Adam through his Law degree and his early years of work. Now as she’s hit 30 she is starting to question her life choices. Frustration at putting her own career on hold has hardened her and she is no longer sure if she shares the same ideas as Adam on their future together.


Adam is at heart an idealist. He works as a lawyer for an international charity. Material wealth means little to him, the work he does and his love for Grace are his main focuses. He’s grounded and forward thinking, having achieved the job he always wanted he now wants the family and home life too having been together with Grace for 10 years. He is incredibly devoted to her, she is the love of his life. But as their relationship has hit rough times he’s become frustrated with his own inability to understand fully why it has happened and how to fix it.